This Blog Post should give you an easy to follow guide on how to set up an Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap Settings

IT Support IPhone Setup 1

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

IT Support IPhone Setup 2

Tap Add Account

IT Support IPhone Setup 3

Tap Exchange

IT Support Iphone Setup 4

Enter your email address and your password that you use to login to your organisations network / computer with. Description can be changed to company name, making it easier to identify if you have a personal account already set up on the phone.

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After Verifying, it may ask you to enter further details. You will need to enter the email address, username and password again. The Server address will need to be added also.

If you don’t already know the server address it can be found in Microsoft Outlook on your computer / laptop at work. This can be found by opening Microsoft Outlook > File > Account Information. the address will be under Access this account on the web. An Example would be to enter this address you will need to enter only removing the https:// and owa

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Entering the server address should verify the account and bring you to the option of what you would like to sync from your work account to your phone. You may wish to sync mail only.

IT Support IPhone Setup 7

You should now have your Exchange Mail, Contacts & Calendar synced with your iPhone.

Article by Andrew Hampton on 5th November 2014