Over the last 3 months I have been a proud owner of a Surface Pro. Prior to this I had my work life covered with a Iphone/Laptop and home life was a Macbook/Ipad. Whilst l love technology I can safely say that I have never had a preference of which is best Apple or Microsoft.

I have found that recently working between all these devices increasingly difficult due to the fact that things are never seamless. I find that the device I normally have to hand does not do everything that is required at the time. Another scenario is the cloud services that these devices have integrated do not behave well cross platform which is ridiculous. ICloud does support Windows and despite its new Microsoft Office Suite it does not in my opinion make IPad a power device which would replace a laptop.

The Surface Pro though does attempt to address these issues and though Microsoft has been criticised on its direction this Hybrid device is a joy to use.

The key is to spend a bit of time setting everything up once you clear out the silly default tiles and setup the start screen with what you need the Surface Pro does start to make sense. You use it well in as a tablet when travelling and at home and then dock to a Pluggable Docking Station via USB 3 when in the office to some serious work!

This setup is the simplest with very few wires and the performance of the Surface Pro does not disappoint in this scenario. I also spend a lot of time developing and in my setup I use the Surface Pro as a third screen which is ideal for the console when debugging (Yawn!! But exciting for me!)

If you need a device that fits all I will say it still does not exist but the Surface Pro despite the bad press is the only device that comes close.

Article by Ian Chambers on 15th September 2014