After recently completing an overhaul of our own website design, I produced a blogging basics document for our own internal team, with a small bit of re-working I thought it might be nice to share here for other small businesses also …

Content is KING! – Create a content strategy for your blog

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your viewpoint) the days of launching your website and leaving well alone have long past and as the web is chock full of just about anything so your website has had to work harder too. Fact is as small businesses, whatever your industry it’s essential to develop a clear content strategy and present engaging, informative and optimised content to your website viewers. More often than not outside of your core website pages that area on your website to build content will be your blog.

I’ve got nothing to talk about!

Small businesses often mistake a blog for being their company latest news. Forget your blog being just about what is happening in your small business, think of your blog as an area on your website where you can express some personality, open up discussion or offer valued advice on a range of subjects that are relevant to your customers. Inevitably some of that content may be your own business news, but more often than not you’ll be hard pushed to keep churning your company news, so think outside the box.

Some suggestions for business website content ideas

Although every business should consider their own tailored content and blogging strategy, some typical suggestions that probably apply to most small businesses are:

  • Case studies
  • Know-how’s and top tips
  • Help pages
  • FAQ’s
  • Industry news local, national and global
  • Product reviews
  • Events and guides

Once you have opened the box, you can find a whole host of really useful posts that you can release to your audience. Listen to your customers queries, what do they ask advice on? Can you create an area on your website that is really useful to your customers to direct them to? Maybe this can help take pressure off the phones and also provide real significance?

Re-determine your blog

Once you have developed your strategy and determined the purpose of your blog, start writing… If you’re a one person business then sorry, you need to find the time, if you employ a few staff then instruct a few key members that you think can provide some help. Map out the next 6 months and try to aim for at least one post a month, ideally more. Once you get round the table and start throwing some ideas around, you’ll be surprised how many blog post titles you’ll have written down – Then with that focus in mind get back to basics and start blogging!

Share your knowledge and express your experience and personality. With blogging it’s a case of give, give, give – but with that much quality content on your website I wouldn’t doubt that you’ll be first in their mind the next time they need a service like yours!

If you need some help in developing a content strategy for your business, why not drop us a line for a chat or to arrange a meeting. Good luck and happy blogging!

Article by Andrew Hampton on 21st July 2014