IT-OK has now been acquired by Acronyms for business IT support

Business Cyber Security

Protect your precious data and minimise your risk. Sadly, the threat of outside hackers and malicious malware grows by the day and poorly defended systems can put your business and customers at risk.

Our pro-active security monitoring ensures a well-maintained protective wall around your system and helps keep harmful outsiders where they belong. IT Ninjas…? Well almost!


First Level Protection

Strict policies and protocols for your teams for peace of mind across your business. With Azure Active Directory we can ensure that your employees and partners can securely access your network. It also ensures that password policies and access to different areas of your business whether files or apps can be controlled from one place.


Real-time Monitoring

We can provide security monitoring for all the users and devices on your network. With Enterprise Mobility and Security we can ensure that your network is monitored whether it is in your office or out on the road. We can set remote wipe policies for devices and Multi authentication for apps when outside the office environment. With realtime monitoring we can also flag users that are at risk based on the location of their access and device they are using.


Traffic Filtering

Robust firewalls and real-time traffic filtering keep your network clean from unwanted intruders. With next generation firewalls (Unified Threat Management) it gives you greater control to protect your business against the increased threats that exist on the internet today. With Sophos Security appliances we can protect your network from intruders and control access based on Geo location, content and scan the traffic for ransomware and malware before it has chance to infect your network.


Internet Protection

Protect your internet and email and work safely even when you’re on the road. With Enterprise Mobility and Security we can ensure that devices used externally from your network are encrypted, secure and can we wiped if they get in the wrong hands. We can use VPN when devices are used in Public WIFI hotspots to ensure traffic from your device cannot be snooped.