IT-OK has now been acquired by Acronyms for business IT support

Just as it should be

Business IT Support In Cornwall

Our team of technicians ensure every part of your work-flow, whatever the device, is functioning to its potential. We do our best to foresee any issues before they become big problems, and if an unexpected fault occurs, our recovery planning gets you back up and running in no time. We can support your teams remotely, wherever they may be and if it’s really broke, don’t worry we’ll be on site in a flash.

Monthly IT Support Packages

Our affordable monthly plans provide the ongoing maintenance and backup that you need. We support your systems and users ensuring that you technology works to its optimum, leaving you to focus on your next big thing!


Pro-active Monitoring

Our monitoring keeps a close eye on your network health and security and alerts us when there maybe a problem.


Regular backup and security update management

We'll handle all of those machine updates and ensure your data is securely backed up.


Remote support during working hours

Our friendly technicians are online to support your teams and can help resolve many niggles and issues.


On-site visits and installations

If we cannot fix it remotely, don't worry we will be with you in a flash and also personally install any new equipment too.


What's covered?

We can support just about anything, from help with your desktop or mobile devices to servers, networks and WiFi. We’ll help your users too, if you have a problem with Word, an issue with a spreadsheet or an email that just won’t send, you’ll find us ready to support.


On the move?

Have you got teams with different requirements or want to ditch the desk and remote work? We can create and administer the access you need, and our cloud solutions will help your teams safely and efficiently operate wherever that may be.