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Delivering outstanding IT support for businesses in Cornwall, whatever the technology.


We are your IT department.


Connect to our friendly support team for help.

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We’re a friendly team of IT experts, we’re passionate about technology and driven to provide the best in IT support service.


We understand how IT can influence your efficiency and profitability, so let us worry about the technology that helps deliver it.


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Business IT Support

On call when you need us, whatever your IT problem we’ll help you back working as quickly as possible.



Sourcing the technology you need, for what you want to achieve. We can supply, install and set it up just right.


Cloud and Hosting

Delivering the latest robust cloud solutions for agile and efficient teams, Fully managed for peace of mind.


Cornwall IT Support



Whether your an individual or a team of 50, our skilled and friendly technicians can support anything from a crashed computer to a problem with Word. We can support your teams online and if it’s really broke, don’t worry we’ll be on site in a flash.


Minimum downtime.
Maximum support.


Keeping a watchful eye on your systems to maximise your business efficiency.

Our team of technicians ensure every part of your workflow, whatever the device, is functioning to its potential. We’ll foresee any issues before they become problems, and if an unexpected fault occurs, our pro-active planning gets you back up and running in no time.

You could call us your very own IT department.


We’ve worked with systems new and old, so whether you’re thinking it’s time for a complete upgrade or just need help getting what you’ve got to work better – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We can support just about anything, from help with your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile to server networks and phone systems. We’ll help your users too, got a problem with Word, an issue with a spreadsheet or an email that just won’t send, you’ll find us online, on-call and ready to support.


If you’ve got the day to day covered but there is one problem that is beyond you? That’s fine. Or if you need a company to manage your entire IT network and users? That’s fine too. Choose pay as you go flexibility or monthly management for complete peace of mind. We believe you’ll find our expert help upfront, approachable and affordable.

Cornwall IT Consultancy


We’ll guide you through choosing what technology to buy, where to buy it and how to get the most from it.

Sometimes you don’t need to know the Gigabytes, you simply want it to work the way you want it and have guidance on the pitfalls. That’s where we can help. Impartial, jargon-free assistance on acquiring the right technology that’s a real benefit to your business.


Every new device that enters the market claims to be your business saviour, but what actually is the right time and right technology to implement? We understand how hard it is to distinguish between the right products and the implications for your business. So we don’t champion a single product or partner with a single brand. We’re impartial, the solution is the one that’s best for your users, best for your workflow and gets you where you want to be. Let our knowledgeable team explore the options and work out a solution that fits just right.


Once you’ve made a decision on what you need we’re on hand to supply, install and set things up just the way you want it. We’ll get your data transferred, set things up so you’re comfortable and check back in with you afterwards so that anything that needs adjusting can be done. We always ensure the transition is as smooth as it can be and help support you and your team to get the most from their new products.

Cornwall Cloud Hosting


Reliable hosted services, fully managed for agile business teams.

If your business is looking for hosted email, applications or a fully functioning cloud environment let us guide you through the options and open your business up to a new agile workflow.


Take your work with you, wherever you want to be. Open up the doors to a new way of working when you move your business to the cloud. We can help you understand the options and get things set-up just right.

Whether it’s Office365 or Google Docs, setting up a simple Dropbox or a fully hosted sharepoint for your team, our solutions are tried, tested and used by our very own technicians.

If your requirements are more complex, or you need help deciding on what is best, we’ll deliver a reliable and fully managed cloud solution suited to your way of working.

We'll get your devices connected, your apps set up and ensure your data is safe, secure and readably available, wherever your business takes you.

We’re proud of our values, delivering an honest, professional service and working hard to ensure your business receives the very best in service and support.


Our friendly group of IT professionals are passionate about all things technology and delighted to help. We like to get to know your teams and understand your business so we can truly deliver the valued support your business deserves.


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Great Service

We don’t think you’ll find better service from a Cornwall IT company and our strict workflow and training ensures we deliver it, each and every time.


IT Experts

We’re experienced, having supported businesses large and small, we’ve grown with technology, embraced it and re-invest into keeping right up to date with what’s new.


Honest Value

You will find us up-front, honest and delivering jargon-free services with clear pricing so you know exactly what you’re getting, and what it’s going to cost.


Cornwall IT Services


It’s a simple approach, we deliver top quality support for each and every job we do. You’ll find us professional, efficient and understanding and we don’t stop until you’re back up and working as soon as possible.



You won’t find a large call centre, or scripted support, we ensure all our technicians visit your site from the start, meet face to face and get to know and understand your systems inside out. In simple terms, when you need support you’ll be dealing with a team that provides continuity, understanding and ability, each and every time.

Our efficient remote support can assist your teams in solving many day to day problems quickly and effectively. If your problem is more serious, be assured we will be on-site in a flash and we’re resolute in ensuring the problem is resolved and your system is restored to normal working order.


Cornwall IT Experts


We’ve set up countless devices, desktops, laptops and networks. We’ve configured phone systems, tills and installed and supported a whole host of leading business software. Whilst we can’t know everything, rest assured if it’s that’s specific we’ll help you source an expert that does.


We embrace what’s new so we can better advise and deliver effective solutions to businesses today.

Cornwall IT Value Support


We don’t do complicated pricing or hidden costs. If you prefer to pay as go, or would like the peace of mind of a monthly contract, you can be assured of an honest, up-front approach. Whatever your preference you’ll see we track our time and bill in 10 minute blocks, so you only pay for what’s been done or will be able to track exactly how your contract time is spent. If things look a bit more complicated or if you’re purchasing some new kit, we’ll fix a firm quote in place before anything gets started.


Call our friendly team of advisors on 01726 241 701 or drop us an email using this form and we’ll be delighted to help...

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