IT-OK has now been acquired by Acronyms for business IT support

Business IT and Security Consultancy Services

Is it time for your IT to be audited? Business technology grows organically with new kit, equipment and indeed staff added to older systems. Our consultancy service provides an impartial, detailed look at the current situation and health of your network and factors your future plans.

Health check your existing setup and get a full impartial detailed report to influence your future business plans.

Consultancy Service – Analysis

Step 1: Analysis

We look at everything from individual machines, networks, internet and servers and provide a detailed report on their health, security and raise any concerns or factors that exist.

Consultancy Service – Implement

Step 2: Implement

We can work with your current IT provider to oversee and implement any changes that are necessary, or if you need help in getting the work done, we can provide expert assistance and carry out any necessary works; PLUS you will also get the cost of your audit refunded too!

Consultancy Service – Eveluate

Step 3: Evaluate

We will make sure the improvements are working for you and if you require longer term support we have a range of flexible packages to suit businesses of all sizes.