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Firstly, hello!

Alex Champness - IT Manager

Alex Champness – IT Manager

This is my first post here after starting at IT-OK in June having moved back down to Cornwall. I’ve been living and working in Birmingham, Essex and Oxfordshire for the last twenty years, the pull of Cornwall, the smell of the sea and the continual damp have drawn me and my family back home!

Ben Hodgkiss - IT Support

Ben Hodgkiss – IT Support

It’s been a busy summer here in the IT-OK camp, in my first few months we have welcomed Ben Hodgkiss, who joined the team in August. He has already settled in, and brought a mix of good IT knowledge, friendly banter and a love of Rock music!

This summer we have sadly waved off Phil, who starts his epic travels taking in Iceland then on to Canada in a voyage of discovery, good luck Phil and Bon voyage.

Warning over Phishing Email Increase

On another note, we are currently waving the red warning flag after seeing a huge spike in the number of Phishing emails. This current batch are being sent from people known to the users with a link to a ‘document’ once clicked it asks for your username and password. There have been a number of customers who have had this. Remember, if you get sent an attachment or a link and it asks for your username and password, don’t do it!

Be suspicious, even if it is from someone you know. If you need to check, use the old fashioned telephone to give them a bell and check. They’d probably appreciate the chat! If in doubt, don’t click on it!!

As part of a general security update for all customers, we will be strongly recommending and helping customers move to two factor authentication. It sounds complicated but it just adds another level of necessary security to keep you safe.

Once you have gone through the process it’s not too bad and it stops you compromising your own account by sleepily clicking a link before your first coffee in the morning!

That’s all now but I’ll just leave you with one last thought, keep your passwords to yourself and keep them good!

Until next time, farewell! – Alex

Article by Andrew Hampton on 4th October 2019