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GDPR guide for businesses: Are you ready for the changes to data protection laws?

There’s some big changes coming to the world of data protection in the form of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25th. For those of you who are unaware, GDPR is an update and revision to our existing data protection laws. In real terms it is a major

Article by Andrew Hampton on 27th February 2018

How to: Add Automatic Reply to Shared Mailbox in Office 365

This isn’t obvious as it’s not possible to do within the desktop Outlook client for a shared mailbox, the option just isn’t there for managing any shared mailbox that your Outlook client automatically adds. To work around this, it’s possible to set an Automatic Reply within webmail for the shared mailbox. Firstly, logon to Office

Article by Dan Avery on 7th June 2017

Web hosting firms apologise after power outage sees sites go off-line

Web hosting firms and have apologised to customers after a power cut at their UK data centre caused dozens of websites to go offline today. The company’s back-up power systems also failed to work properly, they admitted. The power outage affected customers the length and breadth of the UK – and beyond –

Article by Dan Avery on 15th November 2016

‘Connect to a Computer’ option missing in Remote Web Workplace

So you’ve been granted access to a PC remotely but the option to ‘Connect to a Computer’ doesn’t appear when you visit your company’s Remote Web Workplace? Follow this quick guide to easily resolve this on various Microsoft Windows operating systems. Firstly, it’s very important that you are using Internet Explorer. Unfortunately whilst you can

Article by Dan Avery on 16th March 2015
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Setting Up Exchange Mail, Contacts & Calendar on an iPhone

This Blog Post should give you an easy to follow guide on how to set up an Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Settings Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars Tap Add Account Tap Exchange Enter your email address and your password that you use to login to your organisations network / computer with.

Article by Dan Avery on 5th November 2014

What is Windows 10?

Two years ago Microsoft launched Windows 8. The response to which was varied, but the majority of businesses chose to stick with Windows 7. This was mostly because of the lack of the ever-familiar start menu. Some people also criticised Windows 8 for being too focused on the tablet user’s experience and neglecting the needs

Article by Dan Avery on 16th October 2014

Share a Calendar from an Exchange or Office 365 Email Account

I am often asked by our support customers how to share a calendar from their Exchange or Office 365 email account in Outlook with other users within their business. The process is straight forward and can be acheived by following the guide below: Open Outlook Select Calendar Right Click on “Calendar”, then click on “Share”

Article by Dan Avery on 16th September 2014


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