Web apps and ecommerce

ITOK have extensive experience of building web applications and ecommerce sites that have a strong look and presence and are seo friendly.

  • Unique design
  • Designed to maximise return on investment
  • Back office control of your application
  • SSL secure checkouts
  • PCI compliance
  • Integration into Paypal & Google Checkout
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shopping feeds (Google Checkout)
  • Marketplace integration
  • Booking system integration
  • Online web bookings and search
  • Motor and caravan listings

Project Process for a ITOK Website Application

Requirements definition

This is the first phase where you have to define the scope and needs of your web application in terms of what your application must do, it’s main features and technical requirements. ITOK can assist with an initial meeting and questionaire that will guide you through the requirement process.

Once this has been completed, the project will priced – based on these business requirements and a codebase, hosting and database provider will be selected.


Once ITOK are instructed to proceed with the project, a design plan is put in place with the specific needs and deadlines required to enable the project to complete on schedule. This will include the following:

  • Page and navigation structure
  • Database structure
  • Page copy
  • Design template & sign off

The timescales of the above tasks are very important to maintain as this could affect the overall project timeline.


Once the design and page structure has been signed off, the web application build begins which is broken down into the following tasks:

  • Database entity
  • HTML & CSS
  • Image processing
  • Business logic
  • Javascript & jQuery


ITOK carries out the first phase of testing which will includes:

  • Test code for application bugs
  • Fix bugs
  • Cross browser checks
  • Final validation

The website will be released to a test server and it is vitally important that the customer embraces this part project. This is to avoid misconceptions about functionality after the project has gone live.

Release – Go Live

When everybody is happy that the project is complete it can be signed off and the web applicaiton can go live!