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‘Connect to a Computer’ option missing in Remote Web Workplace

So you’ve been granted access to a PC remotely but the option to ‘Connect to a Computer’ doesn’t appear when you visit your company’s Remote Web Workplace? Follow this quick guide to easily resolve this on various Microsoft Windows operating systems. Firstly, it’s very important that you are using Internet Explorer. Unfortunately whilst you can

Article by Dan Avery on 16th March 2015
IT Support Iphone Setup 4

Setting Up Exchange Mail, Contacts & Calendar on an iPhone

This Blog Post should give you an easy to follow guide on how to set up an Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Settings Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars Tap Add Account Tap Exchange Enter your email address and your password that you use to login to your organisations network / computer with.

Article by Luke Tamblyn on 5th November 2014
Windows 10

What is Windows 10?

Two years ago Microsoft launched Windows 8. The response to which was varied, but the majority of businesses chose to stick with Windows 7. This was mostly because of the lack of the ever-familiar start menu. Some people also criticised Windows 8 for being too focused on the tablet user’s experience and neglecting the needs

Article by Luke Tamblyn on 16th October 2014

Share a Calendar from an Exchange or Office 365 Email Account

I am often asked by our support customers how to share a calendar from their Exchange or Office 365 email account in Outlook with other users within their business. The process is straight forward and can be acheived by following the guide below: Open Outlook Select Calendar Right Click on “Calendar”, then click on “Share”

Article by Dan Avery on 16th September 2014

I like my Surface Pro

Over the last 3 months I have been a proud owner of a Surface Pro. Prior to this I had my work life covered with a Iphone/Laptop and home life was a Macbook/Ipad. Whilst l love technology I can safely say that I have never had a preference of which is best Apple or Microsoft.

Article by Ian Chambers on 15th September 2014
Website design planning

What’s involved with building a new website

If your business is considering its first website or update of or your existing company website then you may find yourself among the many who set off on the venture just not knowing what is involved with building a new website. So many of our first meetings with businesses often center around some fundamental basics

Article by Andrew Hampton on 2nd September 2014

Brand New IT Support Cornwall

All too often I see businesses that are slowed down by their tech and lose both time and money trying to fix recurring problems. Technology should support a business’ day to day operations, not be a liability. It should help you to be more productive and allow your team to work flexibly. IT-OK have been

Article by Dan Avery on 13th August 2014

Blogging Basics for Small Businesses

After recently completing an overhaul of our own website design, I produced a blogging basics document for our own internal team, with a small bit of re-working I thought it might be nice to share here for other small businesses also … Content is KING! – Create a content strategy for your blog Fortunately, or

Article by Andrew Hampton on 21st July 2014

Office 365 or Google Docs

I remember that it was only around 5 years ago that the idea of having your business hosted in the cloud was too expensive for most businesses to even consider. Gmail was in its infancy and Office 365 was not born and the providers that did offer Exchange hosting in the cloud were expensive. On

Article by Ian Chambers on 7th July 2014

Exciting times ahead!

Well it has been a long time coming but we have finally released our new website which we are very excited about. It has been quite a year as we have grown our customer base by 20%, launched a new national brand focused on the holiday park sector and moved to brand new offices. With

Article by Ian Chambers on 2nd July 2014


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